Upsers 401k Plan : UPS Teamster 401k Savings Plan

The employees or associates are provided with a facility of accessing their accounts from anywhere through its online website. Just by entering the user ID and password, you can log in to the Upsers website and use the facilities provided by it. Employees of the UPS can log in to their accounts through the UPS Enterprise portal. UPS provides a retirement plan by name Upsers 401k plan to its employees. This is also named as UPS Teamster 401k Savings Plan.

UPS Teamster 401k savings plan:

In this paragraph, we are going to explain in detail about the UPS Teamster 401k savings plan and its advantages. As it is already mentioned above that it is a plan related to the retirement policy. It is the best and effective plan provided by the UPSers company for its employees to save the money for the time of retirement. You need to invest money and save it for a better and secure future. A fixed percentage of your salary will be saved every month and at the end of your job career, you can withdraw the total amount. This is very similar to PF services provided by a large number of companies to its employees.

upsers 401k plan
upsers 401k plan


UPS 401k Plan Details:

You can access this UPS 401k plan by logging into your Upsers account. You need to enter your Upsers user ID and password to enter the Upsers login website. After entering the website or portal, you can check any updated news or updates regarding the UPS 401k plan. In order to know these details, you need to click on the “Plan News and Updates” button on the right side of the 401k plan page.

Upsers 401k Plan- Contribution Limits:

When you click on the above-mentioned button, you will be directed to a page where you can find all the information about Upsers 401k Savings Plan. Depending upon your capability, you can contribute 1 to 35% of your taxable compensation. The maximum limit will be set by the International Revenue Services for every year. So, depending on the limit, you can contribute. According to the updated information, the maximum limit set by the IRS for the year 2017 is 6,000 dollars. So, it is suggested to make sure that it does not exceed the maximum limit. You can check UPSers Benefits for the employees provided here.

Upsers 401k Plan-Access To Investment Support:

The investment support will be provided by the Voya Retirement for this Upsers 401k Plan. Voya Retirement services are well known for its trust and it gained more faith among the people. If you have any doubts or questions to be answered about this Upsers 401k plan, you can contact the advisors or the helpdesk at any time. You can contact them by using the online websites or by phone and clarify your doubts regarding the Upsers 401k Plan. If you log in to your Upsers account, you can find the Toll-free numbers and Email IDs you need to contact for assistance purpose. This is all about the UPS Teamster 401k Savings Plan and hope this information helps you in resolving some of your doubts on the Upsers 401k Plan and its advantages.

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